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Tour de Magara

Tour de Magara

The Tour de Magara is a competitive physical activity using bicycles, a road and mountain bicycle racing category, organised by NGD Foundation through the NGD Star Sports Department in order to provide young athletes from rural areas with opportunities to train and build a sports career in cycling.

The Star Athletics Academy runs three Athletics training centres of NGD Foundation in Magara, Gitaza, and Minago where youth girls and boys in the neighbourhoods go to get free training before they can join to compete in Tour de Magara and other competitions in athletics.

Bicycle racing is recognised as an Olympic sport. Bicycle races are popular all over the world. The race is run in Zone Magara of Commune Bugarama, Rumonge Province.
Tour de Magara Highlights:
- Minimum Participants: 120 Persons.
- Participants Age groups: from 11 to 20 Years.
- Running age groups: U13, U15, U17, U19 and U21.
- Participants gender groups: Male and Female.
- Prizes (medal and money envelop): 3 first arrivals.
- Budget for each Competition: $800 USD.
- Budget for 3 annual Tour de Magara: $2,400 USD.

Permanent Members as of today:

Organised by:
NGD Athletics Section
NGD Star Sports Department

C/O: NGD Foundation
BP: 3262, Bujumbura, Burundi.
4ème Avenue, RN3, Magara II, Zone Magara, 
Commune Bugarama, Rumonge, Burundi.

Tel. (SAA Office) number: (+257) 71 - 499 466.
Fax (SAA Office) number: (+257) 61 - 499 466.