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Environment Program

The NGD Environment Program.
The NGD Environment Program was started in order to contribute in keeping our Mother Earth healthy and ending Hunger on Earth. The Program then Empowers Local Communities in the Fight against Climate Change and Deforestation through projects and campaigns to keep our Earth green, end Hunger, and live Healthy.

The Program's mission is to make our mother Earth Greener by planting 1,500,000 Fruit trees (of Bitter oranges, Mandarin oranges, and Papaya) in communities' neighbourhoods and 500,000 Palm trees in local communities' members farms in 3 Provinces of Burundi (Bujumbura Mairie, Rumonge and Makamba) in First Phase. Thus, the Program's Vision is not limited to only make make this beautiful residence of ours, the Earth, GREENER but also goes beyond that by contributing to end Hunger in the World. 
Why Fruit Trees?
This is a way to encourage residents of these areas to consume fruits which are very beneficial to our human health, and at the same time they will be contributing to making our Mother Earth greener by planting trees in their neighbourhoods. Plus, they can sell the over-harvest to earn an extra income for family. 

Why Palm trees?
Our areas of operations (provinces of Bujumbura Mairie, Rumonge, and Makamba) being part of Imbo region, an area that is friendly to Plants of Palm, we chose to encourage the agriculture of palms for they are income-generating plants and good for a greener world as well.

Will there be a cost for trees?
Absolutely no. Trees will be provided for free and coaching on growing the trees will also be dispensed for free of charge to the local communities. 

How many beneficiaries?
We are looking at reach 500,000 families in these 3 provinces at the first phase of this project of planting 2,000,000 trees. As funds become available, the project will be renewed and continued.
Campaign highlights:
1- Name of Project: Empower Locals For a Greener Earth To Live Healthy and Earn an Income.  "ELGELHE"
2- Direct Beneficiary: 500,000 families.
3- Indirect Beneficiaries: Human and Wildlife species.
4- Budget:

Highlights of budget:
1- Fruit plants:
2- Palm plants:
3- Transportation:
4- Volunteers' benefits:
5- Media campaigns:
6- Project management: 

Contact us at:
C/O: Mr. Augustin NIYUBAHWE.
BP: 3262, Bujumbura, Burundi, East Africa.

Tel. (NGD Office) number: (+257) 71 - 499 466.
Fax (NGD Office) number: (+257) 61 - 499 466.